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“I can’t thank you enough for the support you have given us. I have gained so much experience from the amazing and unforgettable opportunities you have provided.”


Dave Humphries, Ex‐Youth Theatre member

“We have known Jane for a number of years now as artistic director of Fuse On (a theatre company for youngsters with additional needs). Our daughter has enjoyed her time immensely being tutored by Jane in all aspects of the performing arts. From the initial stages of the thought processes behind creating a play and brain storming ideas through costume design and make up to the actual dance and drama of the production itself. Jane has consistently shown such a high level of enthusiasm and passion teamed with a huge commitment to ensuring all youngsters enjoyed their time and had fun both in rehearsals and when on stage.  We would be more than happy to join Jane and support her in a new venture.”


Petrina Blomeley, parent

“Drama and education are actually things that should go hand in hand. The skills I have learned and developed through attending Jane’s workshops have benefited my education in more ways than one, I have new found critical thinking skills and the ability to work under pressure. Drama has built on my ability to work as part of a team and also built my confidence in order to lead and manage a group of people. Drama has also helped me build a greater understanding of myself and therefore other people, an invaluable skill for life."

Daisy Major Youth Theatre member

“I am delighted to endorse the workshops offered by Jane. They are original, innovative and thoroughly engage children and adults alike. The activities enrich the curriculum and complement classroom teaching. I have had the pleasure of working with Jane and her creativity, enthusiasm and quality of teaching are inspiring.”

Barbara Davies, Education Consultant

“Thank you for all your hard work with Joel over the many years he’s been attending the drama groups for children with disabilities. It means a lot to us that people like you do these activities with him. Without it our children would never grow in confidence and independence away from the family.” 


Dawn Bolton, parent

“Over the last three years I have given so many opportunities to grow and develop my acting skills. I have never been so passionate about anything. The creative skills I have learnt will stay with me for ever. You have impacted so many lives, in particular this shy and nervous girl who has grown into a confident young woman, who wishes to continue acting in the future, especially within the community.”

Amy Hallows, Youth Theatre member

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