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Share and Share Alike is a new intergenerational poetry project involving the interaction between children and older people with memory impairments.

The children lead a reminiscence session using multi-sensory memory triggers during which they collect life stories and memories.

These stories become the stimulus for the children to write and record a collection of poems for an outdoor installation in the new sensory garden at the hospital, where they can be enjoyed by patients, parents, families and the local community.

The aims and objectives are similar for all the participants, young and old alike. purple Platform is dedicated to using person and child-centred activities and through this approach we aim to:

Raise self-esteem:

  • by sharing memories and life stories with interested and engaged younger people.

  • from the younger person's aspect through the responsibility of leading an intergenerational reminiscence session.

Develop communication skills:

  • all the participants benefit from a lively session of conversation and interaction in a safe and supportive environment.

Boost confidence:

  • the older people with memory impairment become the experts whilst the younger participants rise to the challenge of discovering and recording life stories.

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Purple Platform believes the legacy of a project is of extreme importance and with Share and Share Alike the children's poems written from the older people's memories will be a permanent installation in the hospital's new sensory garden for the whole community enjoy.


"What a magnificent day it was, an experience I will never forget. Watching learners communicating with patients with dementia was extraordinary. When the poetry was played in our sensory garden it actually made me cry, making me stop and listen in a. way I have never done before."  Cheryl Froom, Matron, Deeside Hospital

“The learners were able to walk in the shoes of the dementia patients and in doing so they learned and applied the valuable human values of altruism, empathy and generosity of spirit. From start to finish this project has been a beautiful success. This was an exceptionally positive experience for our learners.”  Paul Oliver, Headteacher St Ethelwold’s Church Primary School, Shotton

"The patients loved spending time with the children, the communication between them was amazing. some of the patients had not made much conversation with staff or talked about their past until the learners visited. the reminiscence techniques helped the patients remember and recall important memories."

Debbie Fogg, Dementia Worker, Deeside Hospital

“It was a new and hugely meaningful project for the children. They learnt a lot from the whole experience. They gained self-confidence in interviewing patients with memory issues. It was a hugely valuable experience and gave the children purpose for writing and helped strengthen links to their community. They felt their work was for a valuable purpose.” Richard Thornhill Year Six Class Teacher Queensferry Primary School

For further details and to discuss potential intergenerational projects contact

Jane Meakin 07703467960 or

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