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Drama Students

The Schools Programme links to the Four Purposes and supports your learners to become:

  • ambitious and capable learners 

  • enterprising and creative contributors

  • ethical and informed citizens 

  • healthy and confident individuals

Enhance your learners’ development using creative curriculum workshops that will both challenge and motivate participants in a fun and inclusive environment. These workshops can be delivered at any point in a topic: as a creative tool to create interest and intrigue, mid-way to deepen and consolidate your learners' understanding or as an exciting conclusion with a performance element.


Participation in our activities raises literacy attainment and increases supportive collaboration whilst empowering learners to think critically, ask perceptive questions and develop individual thinking.

                              For further details contact Jane Meakin




The Foundation Phase workshops links to these Areas of Learning and Experience:

  • Expressive Arts

  • Health and Well-Being

  • Humanities

  • Languages, Literacy and Communication


Half-Day Drama Workshops


Bringing stories to life

Learners are introduced to one of these exciting stories and then encouraged to explore its themes and characters by using stimulating and collaborative drama techniques. The session finishes with a performance of their own unique version of the original story:

Stories with Moral Values:                 Multi-Cultural Tales:                           

The Lion and the Bird                         Anansi                  

Malpas the Dragon

The Little Bird

The Whale's Song


         Rama and Sita

         Marta and the Manger Straw


Stories about Journeys;

Time Now To Dream                             

People from the Past:                            Poems and Rhymes:

Susan Rees: a Pit Girl                             The Sound Collector

Betsi Cadwaladyr:a Victorian Nurse     The Owl and the Pussycat

Jane Pritchard: Child of the Manor       The Willow Pattern

Daniel Evans in Patagonia                      Roald Dahl's Cinderella



The Key Stage Two Workshops links to these Areas of Learning and Expertise:

  • Expressive Arts

  • Health and Well-being

  • Humanities

  • Languages, Literacy and Communication

Drama Workshops



Examples of History Periods:

Anglo-Saxons                               Vikings

Celts                                               Romans

Stuarts                                           Age of the Princes

Tudors                                            Victorians

The Home Front                            The Fifties and Sixties

Learners explore the daily lives of people in specific historical contexts by using an imaginative and stimulating inquiry-based approach, developing critical thinking, communication and creative problem solving skills.


Explore the exciting world of language and literacy
We will take your class on an exciting and imaginative journey through the processes of devising, rehearsing and performing their own play, all within a day.

All we need from you is a favourite story or poem or a piece of text from a play or novel e.g.:

Sky Hawk                                        The Butterfly Lion

War Horse                                       Gorilla Dawn

The Magic Zablet                            A Midsummer Night's Dream                        The Midnight Gang                         The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips

Holes                                               The Pied Piper         




Develop your learners’ language, literacy and communication skills by using our Legends of Wales creative programme.

Half-day Drama Workshops

Learners are introduced to one of these exciting legends and then encouraged to explore its themes and characters by using stimulating and collaborative drama techniques.



We will take your class on an exciting and imaginative journey through the processes of devising, rehearsing and performing their own unique version of the legend, all within a day.


Choose from one of the following legends:

Branwen             Blodeuwedd            Merlin            King Arthur               

Gelert the Dog             Gwion the Witch       The Country Under the Sea         


"Please can you pass on our thanks to Jane for her drama club and work with the school? Eben loves doing drama with her and it has really developed his confidence no end. That has been really noticeable when we compare how he was in the first drama performance they did when he was very shy, compared with last week doing Gorilla Dawn when he stood up in front of so many people, said his lines so clearly and really played the part. He had clearly thought about how the character would behave and act as well. The other thing that really impresses us about the drama club is how the children develop the work together with Jane - they seem to have really jelled as a group." Jenny Ewels, Parent 

"Many thanks to Purple Platform once again.The 'Magic Zablet' was an engaging, creative way to ensure  that our pupils understood the importance and relevance of 'Internet Safety'. Jan Meaden, headteacher St. Mary's VA Primary School


       Comments from learners following The Magic Zablet Play-in-a-Day:

     "It had a meaningful message"  Ethan

     "It had a subtle but strong message"  Iestyn

     "It was our pleasure not only to entertain but also educate parents."  Rowan

"We have been very fortunate this week in Ysgol Nannerch to have had Jane from Purple Platform providing drworkshops working with all our pupils. Jane had planned the drama workshops around our topic on Africa and she had carefully built in workshops to complement our class texts. The workshops were so progressive and stimulating for the pupils. The 'African Water Hole' set was a wonderful stimulus for our younger pupils. It provided them with awe and wonder and ensured creativity in allowing pupils to think and ask questions and use their imaginations. Jane was sensitive to the needs of our pupils and ensured that the children had ownership in the planning process of the drama. During the time spent with Jane pupils had more confidence and self-esteem and so much so they couldn't wait to perform to the whole school at the end of each day! All our pupils achieved an awful lot during the week and we are so grateful to Jane for such a worthwhile experience for the whole school."   Sonia John, Ysgol Nannerch

"We would like to thank Jane for such a fantastic day! The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part. They were engaged from the start right up until the final performance. the workshops were pitched at just right for the childrens' ages allowing them to achieve such alot. We will definitely be looking at other workshops Jane has to offer. Thank you."   Kate Roulston, Wepre Primary School


“Having watched Jane deliver workshops over many years in school and other settings I know to expect an exciting experience for all, with huge learning opportunities, allowing children to develop without pressure. She gains the children’s attention quickly as she has the ability to connect with them at any age. The enjoyment of children in drama is directly linked to the skill of the tutor in being able to encourage them to become immersed in  the narrative as they develop the roles in productions.”

Sheila Williams    Education Consultant

       For further details contact Jane Meakin



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