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Share and Share Alike is a new intergenerational poetry project involving the interaction between children and older people with memory impairment.

The children lead a reminiscence session using multi-sensory memory triggers during which they collect life stories and memories.

These stories become the stimulus for the children to write and record a collection of poems for an outdoor installation in the sensory garden at the hospital, where they can be enjoyed by parents, families and the local community.


As a Dementia Support Specialist and Creative Arts Practitioner I am passionate about providing a professional person-centred service to encourage positive social connections, raise self-esteem and increase a feeling of togetherness. This Companionship Service is bespoke and so can range from a two hour home visit to a half or full day out, whichever is your preference.

This individually tailored support includes:

  •  Trips out and about

  •  Activities at home

  •  Shopping

  •  Escorting to appointments

  •  Reminiscence

  •  Singing and dancing

  •  And always fun and laughter

    Winnie the Pooh said: "A day without a friend is like a day without a single drop of honey."


My aim is to ensure my customers always have plenty of honey!













      I am passionate about providing professional friendship to encourage positive social

      connections and increase a feeling of togetherness. My Professional Companionship

      Service is bespoke and so can range from a home visit to a half day or full day out,                   whichever is your preference.

Recent feedback:


     " Jane is committed and dedicated and has excellent communication skills and a caring          nature."

     "Jane is so easy to be with and gives my husband and I alot of support. From the start we        have enjoyed Jane coming and the support, ideas and laughter, which is very important."


For more information and to book contact Jane




We provide a creative outlet for older adults to express their thoughts and feelings, share memories and enjoy social interaction. These carefully designed sessions use the key principles of person-centred care and, through the use of sensory elements and drama techniques, empower the participants resulting in a positive impact on their general well-being and sense of achievement and are particularly suited to those with dementia.


Each session will begin with gentle physical and vocal drama games to stimulate both minds and bodies and create a fun and friendly environment.


The main section will include theme-based drama activities using thought-provoking and multi-sensory stimulus through the use of props, costumes, music, sounds and smells. 


The activities can be suited to your group’s needs and interests including:

  •  Reminiscence – sharing memories and reflecting on life’s experiences.

  •  Storytelling – swapping real or imagined stories.

  •  Poetry – listening to old favourites or finding new ones. Discover a new skill or develop an old one by learning how to write a poem using a variety of different approaches.


All of which can be further developed by the group into short plays through the use of simple devising and performance techniques.


Each session will conclude with the opportunity for everyone to express their thoughts on the activities and ideas for future ones.


Popular themes include:         Childhood Games       Entertainment              Seasons     Schooldays               Special Occasions          Housework             Holidays          Journey


The sessions are for up to 10 participants and can be for either one hour or one and a half hours in length depending on your preference.


Thank you Jane for facilitating our 'childhood games' reminiscence session. it was wonderful to hear our residents' memories and to see how much communication was encouraged. this session will also prompt further discussions and ideas going forward with our activities planning. we are looking forward to our next afternoon with Purple Platform.   Karen Robertson, Bryn yr Haul Care Home, Mold


                             For further details contact Jane Meakin


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